Hospital Grounds at Ancon, Panama Canal Zone

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The first fight the Americans made in the Canal Zone was against disease. The Panama Canal was begun in 1904. In that year many fine, strong, young Americans died of yellow fever and malaria (må-l´ r-å). An officer of the Canal Commission had 10 young Americans to lunch one Saturday night. Before the next Saturday he had helped to bury 4 of them. They had died of yellow fever. Col. C. W. Gorgas is the man who looked after the health of the Canal Zone. He knew that yellow fever was carried from person to person. So all persons coming into the Zone were examined. Ships that came into the ports of the Zone were held till he was sure nobody aboard had the fever. But Col. Gorgas also knew that he had an enemy to fight in the mosquito. Mosquitoes of certain kinds carry yellow fever and malaria. So a war was waged against mosquitoes. Buildings were screened. Beds were covered with netting. Houses and streets of cities were cleaned up. But there was still much to do. A body of trained nurses was brought to Panama. Good doctors and surgeons came. To take care of the sick Ancon Hospital was built. It was built on the high Ancon Hill just back of the city of Panama. It is this hospital that is shown in the picture. Driveways and walks shaded by Royal Palms were on Ancon Hill. For here the French, who had tried to dig the canal, had placed their hospitals. If one has to be sick Ancon Hospital is a good place to be. Good doctors and nurses are there, and modern improvements are in the buildings. What animals can you name that carry diseases? How? How can mosquitoes be killed off ? Keystone ID: 21786 Note: All titles, descriptions, and location coordinates are from the original Keystone Slide documentation as supplied by the Keystone View Company. No text has been edited or changed.
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