United States Troops in Review, Sydney, Australia

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In 1908 the battle fleet of the United States made a tour around the world. Far-away Australia was visited in August of that year. In honor of the event, a grand military review was held in Centennial Park, in Sydney. Twelve thousand Australian troops, consisting of field artillery, blue jackets, the Scottish Rifles, the Garrison Artillery, the Light Horse Brigades, and others, passed in front of the reviewing stand here shown. In the stand with the Australian officials were the American commanders. The place of honor in the marching columns was given the American sailors. Two hundred and fifty thousand people witnessed the review, to do honor to their own soldiers and to pay their respects to their visitors. Sydney was rightly selected for such a demonstration. It is the chief port and largest city of Australia. It is about the size of Boston. Its harbor is one of the finest in the world, rivaling those of Constantinople (kn-stn´ t-n´ pl), Rio de Janeiro (r´ d zhå-n´ r), and San Francisco in beauty. The city is built on the side of a broad peninsula (pn-n´ s-lå), formed by two rivers and Botany Bay. The high shore line of one of these rivers is deeply indented by sawtooth inlets that form natural ports. On two of the tongues of land, formed by the inlets, the city has been built. The harbor equipment is of the best. There are large storage buildings for grains and wool, and buildings for freezing meats. The city appears to the traveler to be older than it is because of its narrow, winding streets. Some of these are very steep, since Sydney is built among the hills. Its chief thoroughfare is two miles long. Victoria Park, here shown, is one of the city's show places. Keystone ID: 15962 Note: All titles, descriptions, and location coordinates are from the original Keystone Slide documentation as supplied by the Keystone View Company. No text has been edited or changed.
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