A French Winter Resort, Cannes

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You may be unable to find the city of Cannes (kån) on your map. It has a population of only 35,000, yet it is widely known in Europe. It is famed as a winter resort. It lies on the gulf of the Mediterranean, northeast of Marseilles (mär-slz´) and southwest of Nice (ns). The coast here is called the Riviera (r-vyâ´ rä). The Riviera runs from Cannes to Genoa. The Alps close in on the west and the Appenines of the east. Here during the winter months come hundreds of persons to escape to cold of Paris, London, or Berlin. The climate of this section is semitropical and very healthy. The slope is southerly, and the warm winds from northern Africa make it pleasant in midwinter. People of Europe go to Cannes in the winter just as people of the northern United States go to Palm Beach or Los Angeles. The city has many fine villas with beautiful gardens about. Most of these houses are built of white marble quarried from the nearby hills. Cannes is a city of flowers. On the hill slopes back of it some 60,000 acres are set to flowers from which perfume is made. There are orchards of fig trees, olives, peaches, oranges, almonds, and lemons. The gardens about the houses are bright with flowers and the blossoms of semi-tropical trees. The harbor is small and is used chiefly by private yachts (yôt), sailboats, and launches. Some of these you can see here. Boating and bathing are the popular pastimes of the wealthy. Nearby are many beautiful islands that make excellent picnicking grounds. There are a few historic spots in Cannes that are worthy of note. One of these is an old church 600 years old. There are also the ruins of a castle, and a tower. From the tower one can have a fine view of the city and the harbor. Keystone ID: 11760 Note: All titles, descriptions, and location coordinates are from the original Keystone Slide documentation as supplied by the Keystone View Company. No text has been edited or changed.
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