Aberdeen Angus, Noted Beef Breed, Scotland

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Cattle are roughly classed in two groups. One kind is dairy cattle, the other is beef cattle. These names tell you what each kind is noted for. Among the dairy cattle are Jerseys, Ayrshires, Guernseys, and Holstein-Friesian. The best known of the beef cattle are the Herefords, the Shorthorns, the Galloways, and the Aberdeen Angus. Nobody knows just when the Aberdeen Angus breed was begun, but it must be an old race of cattle. It has long been the most popular kind of cattle in several of the coast counties of northeastern Scotland. Among these is the county from which the first half of the name comes. The "Angus" comes from the district in which the Aberdeen herds are best known. About a hundred years ago the cattle raisers of these Scotch counties began to perfect the breed. It is now one of the important beef types of cattle. There are many marks that set the Aberdeen Angus off from the other kinds of beef cattle. Herefords have white faces and legs. Shorthorns are red and white, and have drooping horns. Galloways have no horns, are black in color, but are smaller than the Aberdeen Angus. The Aberdeen Angus is black and hornless. Their hair is short and smooth. Galloways are shaggy. The Angus have high foreheads and tapering hips. Their necks and forequarters are heavy. They are fine, active cattle. The breeders of these cattle claim that the meat of the Aberdeen Angus is better flavored and more finely grained than that of any other kind. What breeds of beef cattle are common in your county? If you do not live in the country, ask your butcher. Find out what breed of cows furnishes the milk you drink. Keystone ID: 21501 Note: All titles, descriptions, and location coordinates are from the original Keystone Slide documentation as supplied by the Keystone View Company. No text has been edited or changed.
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