A Highland Home, Scotland

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You have here a view of a peasant's house. Such houses can be found throughout the length and breadth of Scotland. Most of them are built in the same way. That is, their walls are made of stones or bricks, and their roofs of thatch. Simple as they are, though, they are very pleasing to the eye. In the summer time the walls of the houses are covered with vines and the little gardens next the houses show the Scotchman's love of thrift and natural beauty. The view shows more than the mere outside of the house. Here are two Scotch women each of whom is more than three score years. They are having their afternoon cup of tea and are doubtless chatting over the affairs of their little village. They sit prim and erect at the little tea table on chairs that are as prim and erect as they are. Their lives have been led entirely, perhaps, within the valley in which they now live. Beyond the mountains you see in the background lies a world unknown to them. They often speak of the country beyond the neighboring hills as "over yonder." The Scotch have long been known as a hardy people. They are honest, fearless, and simple in their ways of living. They are straightforward and frank. It is said that a Scotchman would not tell a lie to save his head. But he can be, and usually is, a courteous gentleman. Their simple ways of living have been taught them by the very country in which they live. It is generally rough and the crops are not large. Life becomes to these country dwellers a simple matter, and they become, like their hills, rugged, erect, and clean-cut. Scotland has given to the world some of its greatest thinkers, especially in engineering, science and medicine. It has also furnished great statesmen and warriors. Its three great authors you know very well. They are Carlyle, Scott, and Burns. Keystone ID: 12702 Note: All titles, descriptions, and location coordinates are from the original Keystone Slide documentation as supplied by the Keystone View Company. No text has been edited or changed.
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