A View of Vancouver, B.C.

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You are here looking out over Burrard Inlet in which are built the wharves of the city of Vancouver. The depot and the wharves of the Canadian Pacific Railway are directly in front of you. The main portion of the city lies back of you on either hand. The entrance to the harbor is far out to the left. Vancouver gets its name from the British explorer who coasted up the western shores of North America, and discovered Puget Sound. This was in 1793, the year in which Washington began his second administration. The city was not founded, however, until 1885. In that year the Canadian pacific Railway selected it as its western terminus. The following year the little town was wiped out by fire. The town grew rapidly. By 1891 it had a population of more than 13,000. In 1911 its inhabitants numbered over 100,000. Though scarcely 40 years old, the city is now larger than Albany, N. Y. Vancouver is a lively western city. It has many manufactories. It makes machinery, furniture, carriages, flour, boots and shoes, and sugar. Ship building is also an important business. Commercially, the city is of chief importance as an exchange point. In its ports are vessels from China, Japan, San Francisco, Alaska, and near-by coastal cities. These vessels are laden with tea, silk, and sealskins, on their incoming voyages. They carry away heavy cargoes of lumber, coal, and wheat. The Canadian Pacific Railway taps the great timber region of the Rockies, and farther eastward the rich farming districts west of the Great Lakes. The city lies on a peninsula (pn-n´ s-lå) shaped like a half-formed fishhook. On the point of the peninsula is Stanley Park, containing 960 acres. It is beautifully wooded. Which way is Vancouver from your home? Keystone ID: 13837 Note: All titles, descriptions, and location coordinates are from the original Keystone Slide documentation as supplied by the Keystone View Company. No text has been edited or changed.
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