Kenmare, County Kerry, Ireland

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Here you are among the beauties that have been so often sung by Irish poets. County Kerry is perhaps the most favored by nature of all the counties of Ireland. It is bordered on the north by the River Shannon, celebrated in song. It contains the Lakes of Killarney, a spot of beauty known the world over. Many places in the county rival these in scenic beauty. Dingle Bay and Kenmare River are chosen spots for those who wish to see the blue Irish waters, and the green of the hills at their best. The county is on the extreme southwestern coast of Ireland. To the east of it lie the counties of Cork and Limerick. A range of mountains, worn down because of their age, extends through the southern part of the county, breaking up into headlands on the Atlantic Coast. Kenmare River rises in these mountains, and runs its short course to the sea. At the head of the long estuary (s´ t--r) stands the little village of Kenmare. It is locally noted for its bathing. To tourists it stands for a place of secluded nooks and beautiful trees. The little suspension bridge you see here with its single pier appears to be part of the natural scenery. Beyond the river to the left is a typical Irish cottage. In the distance are the little fields separated from each other by hedgerows. Far in the background rises one of the worn tops of the ancient mountain range. Up the river a little way, the valley is hedged in by forest trees, described by tourists as a paradise of woods. Most of the people of this section of Ireland depend on their fields for a living. It is this section that has made Ireland noted as a potato country. The yield of potatoes amounts annually to about 75,000,000 bushels. Potatoes in Ireland take the place of wheat. Bread is made from them, and very good bread it is, too. Keystone ID: 12600 Note: All titles, descriptions, and location coordinates are from the original Keystone Slide documentation as supplied by the Keystone View Company. No text has been edited or changed.
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