Milk Maids of Kief, Russia

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Milk is peddled in many ways throughout the world. In some places in Italy, for example, goats are driven in front of the doors of purchasers and milked in the street. In many cities in South America cows are driven along the streets in the same way, and milked. Milk is condensed and bottled and shipped to far-away places. It is sold in cans and in bottles. But none of these ways is more picturesque than the one here shown. Kief (k´ yf) is in a rich land north of the Black Sea. The country about it produces much grain and many cattle. Milk is plentiful in Kief, and the view shows how it is delivered. Here is a crowd of Russian girls each with a long pole on her shoulder. On these poles are strung small earthenware jars in which the milk is carried. Most of the girls are barefoot, for it is summer time. Each is dressed in the native costume-a one-piece-over-dress, with under-dress and petticoat showing. The girls wear caps of a turban shape. Their faces are bronzed by being out of doors in all sorts of weather. If you want a drink of milk, you can be served here instantly. These girls are not educated, at least not by schools. Education is backward in Russia, but in recent years much has been done toward opening schools. Much of their knowledge of the outside world they get from travelers. Then, too, they attend their church services regularly. They are a simple folk, easily led, yet independent in spirit. Their faith in their religion, their belief in miracles, and their trust in their fellows make the Russians the most striking people in Europe. Compare the appearance of these girls with that of girls in Japan, or in some other country you have seen pictured in the views. Locate Kief. What large port on the Black Sea is near it? Keystone ID: 18103 Note: All titles, descriptions, and location coordinates are from the original Keystone Slide documentation as supplied by the Keystone View Company. No text has been edited or changed.
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