City Hall from Parade Ground, Cape Town, South Africa

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South Africa is a country rich in minerals and in soil. It is a new country so that mining precious metals is the most advanced industry. One of the large cities of South Africa is Cape Town. Cape Town is on the east coast just above the Cape of Good Hope. Good Hope marks the turn of the coast northward and eastward. It is purposely wrongly named. The early sailors called it the Cape of Storms; but the name was changed to the more pleasant one of Good Hope so sailors would not fear to "round Africa." When a village grew up just north of the cape, the settlement was naturally called Cape Town. It is no longer a town, but a city of 150,000, counting suburbs. Cape Town is pleasantly situated. It lies to the north of a peninsula (pn-n´ s-lå) that swings out southward into the ocean for 18 miles. On the north of this peninsula, directly at the foot of the city, is Table Bay. This is shallow water and not a good natural harbor. However, a good and safe harbor has been made. It took 50 years and $25,000,000 to build it. South of the city rises a flat-topped mountain called Table Mountain. This you can see in the distance. This mountain is a part of a range that has a dozen peaks. These are called "The Twelve Apostles." Cape Town is the capital of the colony of Cape of Good Hope. It is also the meeting place of the Parliament of the Union of South Africa. This Union is made up of a number of British colonies that rule themselves. The city has many fine buildings. One of these, the City Hall, stands before you. The Parade Ground in front of the City Hall is a meeting place of the people. An auction is now taking place. Keystone ID: 17008 Note: All titles, descriptions, and location coordinates are from the original Keystone Slide documentation as supplied by the Keystone View Company. No text has been edited or changed.
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