Palermo Park, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Palermo Park is a suburb of Buenos Aires (bw´ ns ´ rs). It is the gathering place of the many wealthy people in the city. Through the winding drives of the Park the parade of fashion goes. There are expensive automobiles and fine carriages drawn by blooded horses. The Argentines love display. The wealthy are largely of Spanish descent, and Spaniards have always been lovers of finery. And the best place to see the fashionable on parade is in Palermo Park. The Park itself is a fit place for richness in vehicles and in costume. It is laid out in winding drives and walks, lakes, shrubbery, and woodland. The wealthy people of Buenos Aires live in houses that are palaces. They gather at the theater in expensive costumes, decorated with precious stones. The season of fashion is in the winter-from April to October. Then the wealthy return from their country houses or from abroad to their city homes. Many of them spend their summer months in Paris, Berlin, Vienna, or New York. It is winter in these places while it is summer in Argentina. Thus they can live a whole year round in a cool climate, and in "society." The people of Buenos Aires, as of most other South American cities, are lovers of beauty and pleasure. They take life more leisurely than we do. They like display. They are fond of pageants, beautiful clothes, elaborates dinners, fine horses, carriages, and automobiles. They are proud of their city. Nothing gives them so much pleasure as to show a stranger the wonderful harbor and the great parks of Buenos Aires. What parks do you know of in the cities near where you live? Keystone ID: 21809 Note: All titles, descriptions, and location coordinates are from the original Keystone Slide documentation as supplied by the Keystone View Company. No text has been edited or changed.
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