Employees Leaving Ford Motor Company Factory, Detroit, Michigan

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The Ford Motor Company manufactures more automobiles than any other company in the world. It was organized in 1903, and in the year 1903-4, to September 30th, the Company made and sold 1708 Ford cars. Ten years later, in 1913, their production amounted to 168,220 cars. In the year 1915 there were made and sold 308,213 cars; in 1916, about 500,000. On August 1, 1916, there were about 1,500,000 Ford cars in use. The above figures will suggest not only the growth of this particular plant, but also the growth of the automobile industry in general. You will be interested to learn something about this great factory. It has under roof 47 1/2 acres of floor space. It employs, on an average, at any one time, 30,000 workmen. Among these people are 53 nationalities, who speak over 100 languages and dialects. A few of these people are shown. The Administration Building here seen is a four-story structure 300 feet long and 65 feet wide. Just beyond it is the great power house in which are housed engines whose horse power amounts to 45,000. These drive the machinery for the entire plant. The main factory buildings are 4 stories high, 900 feet long, and 800 feet wide. Within this factory every man is a specialist. He has his small amount of work which he does accurately and quickly. Some are forging certain parts, others are turning, others are making tools, still others are assembling a special part, and so on. The main factory and the various branch factories are able to assemble and ship more than 2,500 finished cars in a day. As soon as the cars are manufactured they are loaded on freight cars. Here the work is so well organized that a freight car is loaded in 20 minutes. Keystone ID: 22143 Note: All titles, descriptions, and location coordinates are from the original Keystone Slide documentation as supplied by the Keystone View Company. No text has been edited or changed.
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