3E021 Scenes of Kabul, Afghanistan

Special Collections > Blair Brainard Peace Corps in Afghanistan Photographic Collection
Kabul (Afghanistan)
Brainard, Blair, 1942-
positive slide
Coverage - Temporal
1965; 1968
Radford University. McConnell Library. Archives & Special Collections.
A street scene in Kabul. Notice the modes of transportation -- walking on foot, bicycles, buses and motor vehicles. In busier streets there would be more automobiles. Notice the variety of dress. The westernized Afghan, walking towards the camera is wearing a western style coat and shirt and necktie and carrying a briefcase. The people facing away from the camera all have turbans. The men closest to the camera on the right and left are wearing chapans, a long overcoat that fits over the shoulders, and is open in the front with very long sleeves. People rarely put their arms in sleeves unless it is extremely cold. Usually the sleeves just hang down but are sometimes thrown over the shoulder in back or over the opposite sleeve in front to close the chapan. The man closest to the camera in the black turban in the center is wearing a tailored overcoat undoubtedly purchased from the used cloths bazaar. (At the time I was in Afghanistan, 1965-68, used clothing was a major import of the country. I personally purchased several sport coats to wear while working and teaching.) The Blair Brainard Peace Corps in Afghanistan Photographic Collection captures the photographers experience as a Peace Corps volunteer in Afghanistan, primarily in the city of Herat, 1965-1968.
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