3K001 A trip from Herat to Chesht-i-Sharif

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Herāt (Afghanistan : Province)
Brainard, Blair, 1942-
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Radford University. McConnell Library. Archives & Special Collections.
In the summer of 1967, I met Paul W. English, Professor of Geography at the University of Texas. He was in Herat for the summer visiting and learning about the city. Through him, I was introduced to Richard N. Frye, who was also visiting in Herat. At Paul English's suggestion, I traveled with Dr. Frye on a trip from Herat up the Hari Rud (Herat River) to the shrine at Chest-i-Sharif, about 90 miles east of Herat. I went because I was interested in any excuse to travel in Afghanistan. (At this time I was working in the Herat branch of the National Tourist Office.) I had no real idea who Dr Frye was until much later. All I knew at the time was that he and his son were great traveling companions and that Dr Frye was very learned about Afghanistan. This is a picture of a camel and her baby along side the road. All of the camels in the area of Herat were of the "one humped" dromedary variety. The Blair Brainard Peace Corps in Afghanistan Photographic Collection captures the photographers experience as a Peace Corps volunteer in Afghanistan, primarily in the city of Herat, 1965-1968.
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